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Bennet said in the beginning of the month, cheap Nfl jerseys he did not ask the team to trade him, just wanted to get higher income. Although the performance of this Net may be equipped with a high salary, the salary structure in the Haiying team is not optimistic. Last season, Cheap Nfl Jerseys the team high salary Jarl Thomas and Richard Sherman, this year, I have to face Russell after the renewal of Marshawn Lynch. - Renewal of Wilsell Wilson. The truth is that the Hawks can't give this NET to get a higher salary.

Bennet: After addressing the contract, participate in the training
Seattle Hawks defending Director Michael Bennett missed the team's training camp, the reason is self-evident, naturally his contract problem. Bennet said: "I hope to solve the contract problem, I don't know what the future will become like, depending on the team and staff. Let us see what will happen next."

Titan will still trust Murray and Henry's mushroom capabilities.
During the game, Demarco Murray, Demarco Murray, who came, was able to recruit a lot of fans. However, the team trainer said they will continue to trust Murray's decision-making level.

Murray, which has been troubled by the leg rubber, is currently in the season, 117 times, acquisition 443 yards and 4 reachaes. Career harvest 6958 yards. Henry Ben Tournament 101 times, acquired 441 yards and 3 reached.

Titan will quit the four-point Weiner-Gibit column in the far end of the winding right wing, the outer hand Taylor station on the left side, running to Henry Station in the position of the scattered gun quadrant, what is this? What about a routine? The legendary wild cat, the 2009 season dolphin has made the star to run to Novini-Brown repeated station wild cat's core position, but in fact, it is just a scorpion attack on the crowd, due to Roni Brown self-passing ability is limited, this offense has also been tired in the last ten years.

Now the Los Angeles ram may need to buy a lot of training equipment. It is reported that the quotation of these equipment provided by these equipment is $ 1,9 million. These training equipment in St. Louis need to pay 25,000 US dollars every year. At present, with the relocation of the ram, the owner has to choose to sell these equipment, the current price is $ 16 million.

In essence, "non-quadruptions" is a false trick, fake, reverse the ball, flea pass, false kick shooting, fake ball, etc., etc., etc. "fraud attack A small branch in tactics, can pass this kind of fancy this season, how much? It is not difficult to understand that when Philadelphia is in the big stage of the super bowl, Zhu Yu is in front of him, people are impressive, and from the data, the discard kickle "Exclusively "Routine, the 78th game of this season has appeared 5" non-quartep of the ball attack ", an average of 15.6 games, and last season is once average every 14.8 games, the average of 12.7 per day, mean in the 2016 season, meaning It is far less than that of this season, but there is a small number of times this season, but the 5-pass 5 medium success rate is 100%, but the tactical routine is not only the sneak attack of the non-quadruple player, and then I will The big family specific analysis of these tactics this quarter:

According to the terms signed by the ram and the venue department, the team can purchase all the equipment of this training venue in 2024. However, the ram is working hard for this, because although the ram leaves St. Louis but their lease contract has not ended, because the contract is a year signed, it is currently in implementation, and they think that all of this has not changed.

In March last year, Bennet and Haiye have been agreeing with a contract with a $ 28.5 million in a four-year contract. However, after entering the contract, this NETT requires the team to give him a raise: "I know my strength, there is not many people who can do what I can do, so I think I should get it. More."

Titan Offense Coordinator Terry Robiskie said: "I have been running, although I am not both (Murray and Derrick Henry [derrick henry]) that piece. I have played a few In the year, I have taught people called Bo Jackson, and I have also taught players named Marcus Allen. When people who have this talent, you have no biliary to teach them. How to punch, I will not tell them which gap is missed. Now these two people are the same. I will not tell them & lsquo; low heads from that gap to run & rsquo; (Henry) relied on their own rush The ball took the Herosman award, he might missed a gap, but he must have impacted 5 gaps before this. For this kind of excellent mash, you only need to rest assured that they will run. "

In February 2017, Brown's contract with the steel man signed a four-year $ 68 million contract. At present, the current contract has been in charge, accounting for $ 2.22 million salary space, which is the highest in the external hand. His base salary is $ 12.6 million in 2019.

This ball comes from the second week of Mid Liannan District Gerbe, from the competition record, this is a Run Guardrick-Henry biography to the outside Thai - Taylor's 8 yard passed, but what is going on? Please see the picture below: